Monday, 7 January 2008

Births and Deaths and Resposposbility - all that lovely Saturn, Pluto stuff

Because the circle of life likes to be tidy, last week I had a baby and this week my grandmother died.

I have a Moon-Uranus conjunction in my natal chart and I had always been highly ambivalent on the subject of children. I had certainly never craved biological babies and was more ideally attracted to things like adoption. On the other hand what I've realised after having my Capricorn son (who fits rather neatly into my chart with its Saturn rising, and the house of children in the sign of Capricorn) is that I was born to parent. He's a lovely baby but he struggles with the burdens of the world a bit, but we stay patient and do our best to support him with it. I'm crazy in love with the little boy and look forward to a lifetime of learning about him.

Welcome to the world my cardinal little bundle of fun.

Talk of death in the next post.